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Hello. Iím Ron Rothwell. Thatís a picture of me, not installing a burglar alarm but doing major renovation work on our house. I founded Rem Alarms in April 1991 when I was a mere boy of 25. If you do the maths youíll figure out Iím very nearly 30 now.  

My business ethic has always been the same; do a good job for a fair price and customers will call you back next time. My business is based on personal recommendation, I stopped advertising in the mid-nineties. Iíve been involved with the internet for a few years now, I moderate on these websites; and uksecuritypanels

If I worked for you some years ago you will no doubt remember my bright yellow, 1979 Morris Marina. It had Rem Alarms sign-written on both doors. My good friend Aaron David made the Marina a character in his novel; The Tale of the Ancient Marina. You can visit his website here;

I have always been a sole trader but if the workload continues to increase I might consider employing someone.








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Got a Kindle? Put something worth reading on it;